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Inspiring Hope

Tucker Miller | President and Founder of Day 6 Leadership, LLC

Hope may float, but hope rarely happens on its own. Hope is deliberate. It is the strategic by-product of two things: (a) a decision to be optimistic and believe in better, and (b) intentional action.

Authentic conversation helps to bring these two together. So, if you are feeling a tad bit hopeless or helpless, read on. You are not alone -- instead, I suggest that the spark of hope exists within you and is there to serve those around you.

A recent conversation started like this:

The world is too heavy, too big, with too many problems for me to make a difference,” my colleague shared in a conversation last week. After acknowledging recent events and referring to topics of gun violence, war, illness, financial disruption, political strife, and inequities,

There was then a subtle shift in the conversation:
  • We began to exchange stories about how the actions of a few could also affect the many.

  • We also shared examples of how making a few changes within ourselves makes it possible to feel better and move forward. The ripple effect allows for those who care about us, rely on us, or are in our proximity to benefit as well.

Stepping outside of that conversation, for a moment, it is helpful to bring awareness -- not judgment -- to how we engage with each other and the impact we have.

“We are what we repeatedly do.” – Will Durant

As a corollary, I would add:

We do what we repeatedly think.

And what we think impacts not only ourselves but those around us. Thinking we are too small to make a difference makes us act in small ways. Instead, I challenge you to think boldly and do good.

Good begets good; kindness inspires kindness.

So, while my conversation with my colleague last week began in a hopeless place, our conversation ended with hope and inspiration – each of us committing to an action that would help lift our spirits in order that we could better serve those around us.

That’s the power of connection, relationship, and conversation. As I learned from my dad when I was growing up:

“How little we suspect the lives of others we affect.”

Simply showing up for the conversation may be the most powerful thing you do for yourself and others in your sphere of influence and impact.

If you’d like to have a conversation about how I help clients show up more effectively at work to accelerate clarity about the next step in their careers, let’s talk. I can send you a scheduling link and we’ll find a mutually convenient time to chat. Maybe we can make a positive difference in the world together.

Day 6 Leadership, LLC is a leadership consulting and coaching firm specializing in helping prepare women leaders for expanded impact, influence, and responsibility.

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